Unknown Creatures (Blue collection)


Stoneware and glazes developed by the artist
19cm x 11cm x 19cm and 17cm x 7cm x 12cm
Unknown Creatures depicts a group of interconnected creatures whose blue-green, rock-like outer shells are being torn open, at a point of transition in their existence. Each opening reveals an inner world consisting of a glassy surface that cracks and descends onto small ovule-like balls that rest at the bottom of each. 

Inspired by childhood memories of collecting rocks and minerals, Bungener wanted to recreate the sense of wonder and mystery at discovering an entity that felt familiar yet remained beyond the limits of our understanding. In a world where everything is positive and consumable (Byung-Chul Han), Bungener is interested in creating work that is negative and resists definition by our human minds. In creating an unknown territory that feels uncanny (Timothy Morton), Bungener seeks to question the belief in human omnipotence and the anthropocentric views that are commonly held today. 

© Lewis Bungener 2023