Crime  Scene: Look away!


Installation with bedroom furniture, plastic household items and crude oil in the form of bitumen
Crude oil lies silently all around us. We wear it, we sleep in it, we eat with it, we walk in it, we brush our teeth with it, yet many remain unaware of these facts. Indeed, the majority of plastics produced today are derived from crude oil. It is estimated that close to 10% of global oil production goes towards making plastic. Investigative journalists at the New York Times expect this figure to only increase as oil companies begin to push for more plastic out of fear that shifting energy sources may impact their profit. The social and environmental destruction caused by the pursuit of crude oil is immense. Governments have been overthrown, lives have been lost, landscapes have been changed forever. It’s a crime scene in the truest sense, but, before you go, remember one thing: make sure you keep looking away.

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